Traditional Brown Patinas

Price: $9.00 - $311.00

Ferric Nitrate is a hot patina for bronze, brass, and copper. In addition, it is often used to rust iron and steel.

Ferric Nitrate/Ferric Chloride is a hot patina for bronze, brass, and copper.

Japanese Brown is a brown patina for iron and steel, which may be applied hot or cold. This patina will create a golden color on bronze, brass, and copper.

Tan is a patina for all metals and may be applied hot or cold.

Copper Plate is a cold patina for steel and non-stainless steel alloys that does not require any special equipment. This solution is the basic building block for an unlimited range of beautiful, interesting looks never before available to steel finishers.

Copper Rust is a cold brown patina for bronze, brass, and copper. On steel, this patina creates a black finish with some blue streaks.

Deep Brown is a beautiful mahogany/brown patina for bronze, brass, and copper.

Mahogany is a patina best used on copper. When used on a polished surface, a beautiful transparent brown patina will form with swirls of color. On a non-polished surface, a nice brown will appear. On bronze or brass, this patina turns a nice brown. Mahogany works well as a base patina under traditional greens or blues as it will make these colors more vibrant. In addition, Mahogany is one of the few patinas that will react with stainless steel, resulting in a gray color.

Antiquing patina beautifully and easily ages bronze, brass, copper, iron, and steel. Darkening patina is great for aging or darkening the Metal Coatings or cold cast/resin materials, yet it will darken all other metals as well. This patina will create a beautiful transparent brown on iron and steel.

Ron Young details the application process for many of these traditional brown patinas in his series of free video lessons.

Traditional Patinas are only shipped by ground.